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Clarification of Dual Citizenship in Zimbabwe

A Special announcement for people who were born in Zimbabwe. Please forward and save your Zimbabwe friends time and money. Many people now know that if you were born in Zimbabwe you are allowed under law to have dual citizenship. Provided you have not renounced your citizenship. Did you also …

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Trade on the Streets, and Off the Books, Keeps Zimbabwe Afloat

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Dusk falls and thousands of vendors fan out across central Harare. Through the night, they hawk their wares — vegetables, clothes, kitchen utensils, cellphones — from carts, wheelbarrows or even the pavement, transforming the city’s staid business district into a giant, freewheeling village market. On Robert Mugabe …

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Did an Israeli Company Hack Zimbabwe’s Elections?

Did an Israeli Company Hack Zimbabwe’s Elections? Accusations, rumors, and counter-accusations swirl around Robert Mugabe’s 2013 presidential victory By Yael Even Or In the past three years, a new slang word has come to be popular in the Zimbabwean capital. I’ve heard it in professional settings and at parties. It’s …

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Why you should marry a Ndebele woman in #Zimbabwe

It seems as if a general rule of thumb, Harare men prefer Bulawayo women over those in the capital city. There has been a recent increase in the number of women being ‘imported’ into the big city for a weekend or the number of men making the journey to ‘Skyes’ …

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