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#Zimbabwe rural teachers to embark on 10-day march against Mugabe’s govt #ThisFlag #263chat

Harare – The Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (RTUZ) is reportedly set to begin a 10-day march against poverty, violence and corruption, a report said on Monday.

According to New Zimbabwe.com, the 200km march was set to begin at Mutawatawa growth point in Mrehwa district on August 15 and would end on August 25 in Harare.

In a statement, RTUZ urged locals of the areas to join the demonstrations.

The union demanded that salaries be raised and also called for the immediate resignation of President Robert Mugabe‘s government.

This came as reports indicated that teachers would receive their August salary in September.

According to NewsDay, civil servants were infuriated by the recent continued shifting of their pay dates due to the ongoing economic meltdown.

The civil servants’ umbrella body, Apex, claimed that, at the current rate, the cash-strapped government could soon find itself unable to pay them at all.

Previous reports indicated that in July the country came to an abrupt standstill as citizens organised a national “shutdown” strike that saw many businesses, shops, schools, public transport and some government departments and courts not operating. This was after the government failed to pay civil servants salaries on time.

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